Parenting and ASD: You CAN do this. You ARE doing it!

by Maxine and Daniel

I’m not saying parents of autistic children are perfect, but we do better than most of the other adults in our life who think that our children’s ‘problems’ are caused by our parenting style. To be clear, I don’t think that autism is a problem. The ‘problems’ often originate with the ignorance of what the autism identification means. Autism is neither a mental defect nor a mental illness. It is simply a different way of processing information in the brain. When our children are accepted, understood, respected, and accommodated, just watch the problems ...

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Thank you Autism parents

A dozen reasons why you rock!

By Maxine and Daniel

It’s incredible, really. With no formal training and no prior knowledge, parents of children on the spectrum become experts on what will and will not work for their child. They know when a behavior issue is really a lack of understanding issue or a lack of appropriate support issue. They quickly learn to provide their child with extra help in so many areas of functioning, and to slow down the pace and delivery of teaching so that their child can be successful.

Since autism, with its influence on science ...

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Parenting with autism: no guilt zone

By Maxine and Daniel

Are you constantly nagging your child to get moving? Yelling at her for ignoring you? Does he seem to dig his heels in and refuse to respond in spite of repeated demands?

Before I tell you possible autism-related reasons, raise your right hand and take the oath: "I will not feel guilty for things I did not know before today."

OK. Here goes. Our toddlers, children, teens and young adults often need more time than a typical person to process our commands or requests, or to respond to something they are experiencing. The rule of thumb ...

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