Could you be a woman with Asperger's?

By Maxine and Daniel

C’mon. You know you’ve wondered. As you’ve read about your child’s ASD, you give a nervous giggle as you realize that many of the things you’re reading about kind of, sort of, maybe apply to you, too.

I’ve gathered a list of anecdotal traits of Asperger women. This list comes from my own experience, my reading, and my work experience with many creative, resilient, and bright women on the spectrum.

Keep in mind I am not a therapist or a doctor, that this list is anecdotal, and identifying with this ...

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Frustrated by your child's persistence?

By Maxine and Daniel

You may approach the bench:

Ask anyone who is raising a child with Asperger’s and they’ll tell you: man, can our kids negotiate!

And by negotiate, I mean tell you over and over again, in many different ways, what they want, why they should have it, and why you are wrong for keeping it from them.

Oh sure. They’ll let you get the odd word in edgewise, but they’ll listen to you only long enough to find a hole in your response and then BAM!!, they’ll lawyer you into a corner ...

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