The facilitators are very personable and make you feel welcome and supported.

The presenters are able to relate from experience rather than knowledge obtained through education alone.

I liked the perspective of the speaker and his mother. Great information, especially about anxiety.

Listening to Daniel speak, his perspective [is] so inspirational!! Well done!

What I liked was everything. I enjoyed Daniel. He is so knowledgeable and he teaches me more than any other professional has.  Everything was great!

I quite enjoyed your humour, which made the presentation even more interesting.

[I enjoyed] the presenter’s first-hand experiences, honesty, successes, the wealth of information, [and stories about] the reality of parenting.

Thank you so much for this great workshop. I really liked it.

Increased my knowledge ie ASD-AS - can now connect it when doing assessments—better understanding on a personal level vs. clinical. Thank you for providing this workshop. Look forward to presenting it to my team.

I appreciate that the facilitators of the workshop are real people. As someone who has no background or experience in ASD, this was a wonderful, comprehensive intro.  This will help me as a teacher address the needs of my students. Videos were great! Personal stories were very eye-opening and gave an authentic feel to the workshop.

[It is] always positive for parents to see a successful person who overcame challenges of ASD. [It] gives us hope and I don’t think there is enough given to parents. Great insight for parents to help with those nagging questions… Awesome!!

[My] son was recently diagnosed, so this was a good introduction to a lot of aspects of ASD. Looking forward to attending other workshops. Very informative, with humour.

Love the fact that Daniel is not just a trained teacher in the subject. He lives it every day, [which] makes it a lot easier to accept the info. I really see the relevance of the info myself and in the children.

Awesome. Great to hear from people who are living with ASD. Especially from Dan, who has ASD. I’d love to have my son attend a similar session with Dan as someone with ASD. Good information.

I loved the anecdotes/real-life stories. Great examples. Nice blend of facts and real-life examples. Well done, Daniel and Maxine.  Thanks for your insight and for sharing your personal experience.

Hearing about AS from someone with AS is very validating. Making my dad and fiancé attend this workshop… Thank you so much!

Both Daniel and Maxine make their workshops informative and add in humour as needed. They progress at a speed which is easy to follow.

I liked the pace of the presentation and the flow. I didn’t not like anything.

Many wonderful insights… Loved Daniel’s humour; Daniel’s perspective [is] very valuable for insights and parent’s perspective is very comforting.

This is a great experience. I recommend it for all educators. I think some interactive activities would be nice. I have to say this was a marvellous experience. Thank you for all you do… Your advice to parents regarding teachers is bang on. Bravo!

Presentation by Daniel, who is speaking from his heart. As a mom with a recently diagnosed child, this workshop was invaluable.  Thank you!

It was really great to have a speaker who has Asperger’s.

Highly informative—confirms some concepts, reforms others. Has greatly helped to better understand many of the more ‘from out of nowhere’ behaviours.

The facilitators were very clear, well-informed, interesting and engaging. The information presented was enlightening and useful. 

Getting firsthand experience was wonderful and encouraging. Daniel and Maxine are amazing people.

The presenters were excellent, providing real examples and situations. Felt that had exceptional insight. This was a great overview of multiple areas.

I like the fact that the presenter has AS. What a wonderful example of how successful a person can be and overcome so many challenges. I like the mother/son combination of presenting. I like the humour that is added. Also, so full of valuable and practical info and insight. I loved the workshop.

I brought [my] son (ASD) last year and came back again with Grandma. Don’t stop offering this seminar. Keep it going at least every 6-12 months. You need to continue to get your message out. Thank you very much.

I liked the fact that Daniel spoke from experience.

I love the examples and stories. They help me remember the points you discuss.

Was extremely informative, engaging, and inspiring. Wonderful to hear it from someone who knows.

Covered topics of Asperger’s thoroughly and had great examples. Daniel’s voice projected through and he has a wonderful sense of humour. Very enjoyable.

You will do great things, Daniel. Godspeed.

The presenters are able to relate from experience rather than knowledge obtained through education alone.

Listening to Daniel speak his perspective. So inspirational!!

This needs to be shared—why am I only hearing these things now? I have been looking for help for eight years.

Tanya Whyte, Parent
Incredibly powerful, are the first two words that come to mind… It was an experience unlike any other I’ve had since our Autism/Asperger’s journey began… for the first time, I felt as though I wasn’t alone and that someone actually understood the world I’m living in. You are both incredibly articulate and I couldn’t possibly express my feelings with the same language and grace, however I have to tell you that you’ve had a tremendous impact on me! There hasn’t been a day in the last two-and-a-half weeks that I didn’t hear your words at least one time each day (often multiple times a day)…

Daniel, you are an inspiration, and I am so very thankful that you have taken the path to share with others about this most important subject… your humour was so timely and truly helped to keep this difficult topic in check. And the personal sharing you did is to be admired. I will never be able to convey just how much you’ve helped me!