Daniel Share-Strom

Daniel Share-StromDaniel Share-Strom is one of the best-known young Autism advocates and educators in Ontario. "I talk about stuff that really matters - things your doctor doesn't tell you and teachers don't know," says the York Region native.

Daniel is a sought-after presenter who has been moving audiences with his self-awareness, poignant insight, and striking humour for more than eight years.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 10, Daniel was riddled with anxiety, fixated on video games, had learning issues, motor skill and sensory challenges, difficulties with activities of daily living and was disorganized to an alarming degree.

He was determined to overcome these problems, but it seemed that everywhere his family turned for help, no one had knowledge, understanding, or viable answers to help a child with a so-called high functioning autism.

The responsibility fell to his mother, Autism advocate Maxine Share, to find solutions to Daniel’s sometimes overwhelming challenges. What she found was that increasing her knowledge changed her understanding and helped to change how she supported her son.

Knowledge was power: The results have been remarkable: Daniel  graduated with distinction from university with an Honours degree in Communications. and has returned to school to study Children's Media. He wants to create content to help children on the spectrum be accepted as full and valued members of society.
Daniel has a special talent for public speaking, and since 2005, he’s been wowing audiences at places like  the Geneva Autism Symposium, Queen's University, York University, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, York Region's public and separate school boards, Southlake Regional Health Centre, 310-COPE, the ASD Partnership launch, Kerry's Place Autism Services, and several Autism Ontario chapters.

He was a featured speaker at the provincial government's Autism Symposium, and also stages his own speaking events to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Though he speaks to educators, doctors, and other professionals, Daniel’s favorite audience is parents: "Parents play the major role in determining whether we feel capable or inept; weird or unique; focused or obsessed. Once parents understand us, they can share that knowledge with teachers and other important people in our lives. They can bait us toward new experiences, new skills, and hope."

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Maxine Share

Maxine ShareMaxine Share is an autism consultant and a passionate champion of the strengths and abilities of individuals on the autism spectrum. With her son, she runs a popular Facebook Community Page, Autism Goggles, where articles and videos she creates or posts move readers to an informed understanding of what it means to be a person with an autism identification.

Maxine’s Facebook articles are widely shared: What Good Teachers Know About Teaching Kids With Autism - a Wishlist, has been shared more than 1,100 times and has reached more than 100,000 Facebook users.

She and Daniel write and co-facilitate fun and informative full day workshops for families, teachers, and interested others to learn about autism. Thousands of students, parents, and professionals in Ontario have attended their popular, always evolving What Doctors Don’t Tell You and Teachers Don’t Know presentation in the past 10 years.

Maxine’s mission in life is to change understanding of autism to change the actions of others. She says that when society understands that autism is just another way of being human, her work will be done! Maxine has a brilliant, kind and hilarious adult son with autism.

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