What is Autism Goggles?

Autism Goggles is our effort to change understanding of autism. The lack of training and understanding among professionals means that parents are getting bad advice or no advice; poor direction or no direction when their child receives that autism spectrum identification.

In our part of the world, family doctors are not required to have a good understanding of ASD and yet they advise parents based on what? Based on a typically developing child. Teachers - and we love teachers - are not required to have any (or woefully little) special education training in order to teach children with autism. However, the law says they must teach whomever sits in a desk in their classroom. Not fair to the child. Not fair to the teacher as they try to support the child based on their knowledge of typical students.

At Autism Goggles, we want to change how people look at difficulties and challenges, strengths and interests in their autistic child, teen, young adult, friend or partner. We are going to do that by helping to change understanding of the many issues that can go hand in hand with a diagnosis. We’ll explain issues in easy to understand ways, and make them relevant to your life.  
We know that when parents, extended family members, teachers and other professionals understand why they are being asked to do something, they are more likely to see value in their effort. Change understanding and you can change people’s actions.  

We hope that when you attend our events, read our articles, and watch our videos, you’ll gain greater confidence in responding to and advocating for your loved one on the spectrum. You see behaviours more clearly as communication, and appropriate responses make come in to sharp focus as a result.

We encourage you to pull together everything you have learned and everything you know about your child to come up with ideas that have a higher chance of working and of making the individual feel understood. We don’t want you to keep doing what you’ve always done and expecting your child to change his response. That is the definition of insanity, n’est pas?

We encourage you to toss out those typical lenses in favour of Autism Goggles when you’re trying to figure out how to support or understand what is causing a behaviour, feeding anxiety, or limiting potential.