Dear Society...Signed, Autism

Daniel gave a talk at TEDx at Glendon Theatre at York University, Toronto - Dear Society...Signed, Autism.

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Coming up

Keynote speaker at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia

April 20, 2017

Transitioning to Adulthood: A Panel Discussion

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Workshop: What the Doctors Don't Tell You and Teachers Don't Know

May 27, 2017, Peterborough Lions Club, Peterborough ON

This workshop changes a parent's understanding of Asperger’s/ASD in order to change their actions. Our goal is to help parents really understand their child's behaviours well enough to become educated advocates.

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What Good Teachers Know About Teaching kids with Autism--a wishlist

Please SHARE if you feel this could help change understanding. By Maxine and Daniel This is a wishlist of teaching practices. I am not a teacher--I'm an Aspie advocate ...

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Girls and Autism: Missed Diagnosis Can Be a Nightmare.

By Maxine and Daniel Text books tell us ASD is four to five times more prevalent in boys than girls. I never have been one to believe everything I read ...

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All roads lead to anxiety

Understanding what it means to have a communication disorder in Autism/Asperger's By Maxine and Daniel People with ASD often suffer the frustrating experience of being misunderstood. Others act ...

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